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 Prom Tips For Teens 

Prom night is one of the most anticipated nights on the teen calendar. From preparing her fancy dress, hair and makeup to ordering expensive flowers, every girl would like to make this night special. A ride in a limousine to the big event can do just that and more; transforming prom night into an extraordinarily memorable and enchanting evening.
But not all transportation companies are created equally. In fact, sometimes, chartering a limo from a poor quality company can ruin the entire night, which is why the experts at the National Limousine Association have a few tips on chartering professional and reliable chauffeured transportation:

1. Talk to your friends early. The demand for transportation during the spring season can be overwhelming when so many others are chartering transportation for prom, graduation, and even weddings! Talk to your friends early and decide who will be in your limo group, so that you can book your reservations and get the vehicle you want.

2. Show up in style. A unique chauffeured car will definitely set you apart from the rest. There are many styles available such as stretch limos with special interiors, sedans and party buses. Depending on the number of people you will have in the car, you may want a certain make or model. Choose something that suits your mood and shows you off.

3. Allow time to take lots of pictures. You're definitely going want some memories, so plan for everyone to meet up for pre-prom at one location (make sure the limo company and the chauffeur have the address and directions). This will eliminate wasting time that can be used for taking pictures and enjoying your friends. You can even ask the driver to position the chauffeured vehicle to be a part of the shot.

4. Ask about the perks. Some companies provide food, beverages, and tunes for the ride over to the party. Ask in advance about the amenities that are available, such as sparkling cider to toast the night away. Also ask about the type of music available - be prepared to take some mix CDs or Ipod that will have enough music for the whole ride so that you have the coolest music for the special night!

5. Extend the night. Don't forget that there is always a post-prom party. Remember to book your ride for a few extra hours to ensure you have time to have a great time! Most importantly, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

6. Ask your transportation company about the chauffeur. You should always ask about the chauffer, who will it be, how much experience does he/she have? How will he/she be dressed? Believe it or not, not all Limousine Companies offer chauffeurs that will be dressed in formal or dress attire. Some Limousine companies will send drivers dressed in jeans, t-shirts or polo shirts. This is a special event and your chauffeur should be dressed to impress.

7. Ask about Insurance and licensing. Be sure to ask the Limousine Company if they are properly licensed and insured to provide For Hire Limousine Services. North Carolina laws require that ALL For Hire Companies purchase $1,500,000 in liability insurance for each vehicle that is designed to carry 15 or less passengers (including the driver) and $5,000,000 in liability insurance for vehicles designed to carry 16 or more passengers and that all for hire vehicles have  a "FOR HIRE" license plate attached to the rear of the vehicle. It does not matter how many or how few the vehicle is designed to carry, if it is offering for hire transportation service the insurance and the License Plate is required. It may be as easy as walking around the Limousine and looking at the license plate. If the license plate does not specifically show as "FOR HIRE", then the vehicle is operating unlawfully.

The plate above is a sample of what a Valid North Carolina "FOR HIRE" license plate should look like. If your Limousine has this type plate on it it is likely that your Limousine Company is operating lawfully.
The plate above is a normal NC License plate. This plate is intended for normal "Personal" vehicles. If you observe this type of plate on a Limousine then the Limousine is NOT properly licensed and you should assume that the vehicle is not properly insured and it is unlawful to offer transportation services.

Why should you care which plate is displayed on your Prom Limousine?

It is unlawful for any Limousine  to offer services for hire without first obtaining $1,500,000 in liability insurance coverage as well as obtaining and displaying the official North Carolina "FOR HIRE" registratation plate. If your Limousine operator is operating outside the law, then what other laws and safety issues have they ignored? You should be cautious and concerned. If Law Enforcement stops your Prom Limousine and the vehicle is not operating lawfully then your special evening may come to an early end. NC Law requires that Law Enforcement hold the vehicie until the operator complies with all laws and this will require passengers to call for alternate transportation.

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